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Ka Shui Group was awarded three Gold medals of 2023 Asia International Innovative Invention Award

ARTICLE OF 2023.06.28

The three research and development projects of Ka Shui Group were awarded gold medals of the "2023 Asia International Innovative Invention Award" given by Hong Kong Federation of Innovative Technologies and Manufacturing Industries ("FITMI"). These three projects were: (i) The patent technology "Multiple Power Ports System" applied to LPG Range-extended Electric Low-floor Minibus by Green Print Transportation Ltd., a subsidiary of Ka shui Group; (ii) Ka Shui’s patent technology "A high thermal conductivity die-casting magnesium alloy material and its preparation method (referred to as “High Thermal Conductivity Rare-earth Magnesium Alloy”)"; and (iii) "Method for preparing modified thermoplastics having antimicrobial adhesion property and a product thereof, and a composition for preparing the modified thermoplastics (referred to as “Biocide-Free Germ-Repellent Plastic”)."

With sincere gratitude to FITMI for their recognition and support, we will continue to make greater efforts in R&D in order to enhance our corporate competitiveness by innovative technological advantages.