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Declaration of Non-use of Conflict Minerals/Metals

ARTICLE OF 2023.06.05

Conflict minerals/metals are defined as cassiterite, wolframite, coltan, gold and its derivatives, especially gold (Au), tantalum (Ta), tin (Sn), and tungsten (W), which are produced from the Democratic Republic of Congo or its neighboring countries being controlled by armed forces ("Conflict minerals/metals "). Most of the mining activities in these areas are related to armed groups, which lead to long-term instability in these areas. The mining activities of Conflict minerals/metals have also brought serious human rights violations and environmental damage to these areas.

We promise not to support, purchase and use illegal minerals from areas with armed conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo and its neighboring countries. We would request our upstream and downstream suppliers not to use Conflict minerals/metal and sign a letter of commitment of non-use of conflict minerals/metals.

We will continue to optimize and strengthen our supply chain management, formulate and improve relevant management systems and processes to ensure that we can effectively identify and trace the source of raw materials of our products, such that the source of raw materials is clear and legal and the use of Conflict minerals/metal can be avoided and eliminated. We will continue to provide better products and services for our customer as always.