Technology Optimization Solutions

Ka Shui Group is committed to constantly developing new materials, especially for magnesium and aluminum alloys, as well as improving material properties and developing new production processes and technologies to satisfy the market needs and provide customers with the best technical solutions.

Rare-Earth Magnesium Alloy

In order to fulfill the market demands on different properties of magnesium alloys, Ka Shui has successfully developed magnesium alloys with addition of different rare-earth elements aiming to provide the best solutions in automotive, electronic, lighting, communications and other fields.

Lightweight Transportation

In order to fulfill the market demand on energy saving and emission reduction of automobiles, we not only satisfy the performance requirements of automotive parts by combining the appropriate materials and technical processes, but also provide the best solutions for lightweight vehicles.

Ka Shui has technical advantages in lightweight materials and processes:

•  The applications of aluminum and magnesium die-casting in new-energy vehicles.
•  Overcomes the problem of insufficient strength of aluminum alloys in vehicle applications through squeeze casting.