Corporate Responsibilities

Green Manufacturing

Environmental Policies and Environmental Protection Measures

Both providing quality products to customers and implementing sustainable development strategies are of paramount importance to us. Environmental protection is our principal concern and we endeavor to minimize our impact on the environment. As we strive to become a pioneering, advanced green high-tech enterprise in Mainland China, we pledge to review and revise our environmental policy periodically.

In order to achieve our environmental goals and reduce our carbon footprint, we have obtained the ISO14001 for Environmental Management Systems Certification in 2001 and strictly follow the RoHS standard in all production processes. Our green initiatives include having a large capacity for the grey-water recycling system, an exchange filtration system for polluted water treatment and a depositing pool system for dust.

Air Purified Measurement in Shop Floor

We are concerned very much about handling the suspended particulates generated by production. In order to reduce the risk which will be harmful to our staff, we have taken two effective approaches:
1. Change our original process to avoid generate suspended particulates. For example, by using water polishing machine to polish magnesium alloy parts, no dust will be generated and all polluted water will be recycled after purification.
2. Remain the original process with real-time online monitoring system in addition to air purification process enhancement in order to keep the suspended particlates in a safe level.

Polluted Water Treatment

Currently, we have a large-scale polluted water treatment and recycling system, as well as a real-time online polluted water monitoring system. Ka Shui will further enhance the polluted water recycling system, which is called MVR system, to improve the polluted water overall recycle rate.

Talent development

The Ka Shui Enterprise Academy, established in 2006, where we aims to enhance the quality and skills of our employees, promote corporate cultural exchange and fully develop core talents. By building on our people-oriented culture, we have set up a multi-channel communication system for the staff, union and management. A wide range of recreational and relationship-building activities are organized to nurture a strong sense of belonging among employees.

Community Giving

Ka Shui Group believes in “Contribution to the Community” in our commitments and has actively participated in community education projects, poverty and disaster relief initiatives as well as charity events.
In 2013, Ka Shui was awarded the “Outstanding Corporate Social Responsibility Award” presented by Hong Kong’s The Mirror Magazine for two consecutive year. The accolades represent recognition to our contributions to society throughout the years.