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Ka Shui was awarded the “2020 IMA Awards of Excellence for Process” by the International Magnesium Association (IMA)

ARTICLE OF 2020.11.09

On Oct 26th, “Forged and Flow-formed Magnesium Road Wheel” ,which was collaboratively developed by Ka Shui with General Motors, Xi’an University of Technology and others, was awarded the “2020 IMA Award of Excellence for Process” by the International Magnesium Association (IMA). It is reported that the magnesium road wheel will be available as optional configuration for Cadillac high-performance models, and will be launched in North America in 2021 summer.

“IMA Awards of Excellence for Process” aims at commending the companies with outstanding performance in using magnesium for different applications. It is an opportunity for the participants in the magnesium industry to show their innovative products and manufacturing techniques. Compared with the traditional low pressure casting process, the manufacturing process for this kind of magnesium alloy wheel, which consists of forging and flow-forming, can significantly improves the strength and extension performance of magnesium alloy, and utilizes the new form of corrosion resistant coating and systematic anti-corrosion design. This new type coating of the magnesium road wheel not only breaks through its insufficient in corrosion resistance in the past but also performs better than that of the aluminum wheel. This new coating has used our Group’s self-developed equipment invention patented Micro-arc Composite Ceramic Technology (MCC).

Micro-arc Composite Ceramic Technology (MCC) is a short flow and non-polluting environmental surface treatment technology that prepares micro-arc composite by high-voltage discharge, and coordinate with different coating compounds in subsequent processes in order to meet the requirements of different circumstances. The technology can deliver superior surface protection results and fulfills the requirements of product surface performance under different environmental conditions.

Micro-arc Composite Ceramic Technology (MCC) is an eco-friendly surface treatment technology with good corrosion resistance that can replace passivation and painting by reducing toxic waste water and VOC release. It has been successfully applied to the magnesium road wheel and awarded the “IMA Award of Excellence for Process", representing a recognition and accreditation for the continuous development and innovation of eco-friendly surface finishing technology of Ka Shui.

Since its establishment, Ka Shui is committed to implementing sustainable development strategies. In the future, Ka Shui will continue to devote on R&D and promote green production technology with a view to pursuing the excellence of technology as well as environment protection.