The biocide-free microbeFENCE® is biocide-free and uitilises inherent bacteria repelling plastic technology to prevent micro-organisms from attaching to plastic surfaces or forming colonies through repulsion. This technology is better than the existing anti-bacterial coating since there is no leaching of antifouling agents and less chance for superbugs evolving which can pose as a risk to human health. It is compatible to a vast variety of plastic materials (i.e. PE、PP、PET、PVC、ABS、TPU, etc…) as well.

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In response to this year’s COVID-19 pandemic, we have applied our patented germ-repellent technology microbeFENCE® to develop a series of anti-pandemic products which are widely welcomed by our customers.

Our Brand Product

Germ-Repellent Mask Case

Children Mask Case

Germ-Repellent . Anti-Bacteria Protective Film

Germ-Repellent. Anti-Bacteria Safe Key

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