High-end Technology Promotion and Applications

Led by our commitment to innovation and driven by our pursuit of higher efficiency, Ka Shui will focus on the development of all kinds of alloys application, so as to implement the high-technology commercialization.

  • Surface
  • Alloy materials
    & development
  • Manufacturing
    techniques and
  • Commercialization

In view of future market trends, global demand for communication, computer and consumer electronics (3C) products is expected to grow rapidly. Ka Shui Group will continue to specialize in the research and development of various metals, production technologies and surface processing. Striving to advance our technologies further, we aspire to become a leader of China’s 3C product market.

By maintaining and strengthening the current manufacturing business with steady growth, the new business will be another core development The Group will pursue at the same time. Striving for excellence and technological innovation, commercialization of the customers’ goal into real business, developing employees’ career goal, creating sustainable and fruitful earnings for the shareholders, and contributing to the society are at the end are all the future development and missions of The Group.